Foil Insulation

Superfoil foil insulation are high technology insulators that are effective against all types of heat transfer: convection, conduction & radiant heat.
This works in two directions: keeping the heat in as well as the summer sun out.

Multifoil insulation is a build up of multiple layers of thermo foam, wadding & low emissivity layers of reflective foil.
This gives us a thin, lightweight, flexible & strong foil insulation that is very quick and very easy to install.

  • Easy & Quick Installation
  • Ideal for New Build, Retrofit & Refurbishment
  • Complies with current Building Regulations
  • Use in Roofs, Walls & Floors
  • Made from 40% recycled materials
  • Lightweight & Flexible

Made with 40 percent recycled materialSFUVSFTVSF19SF40