Thermal Bubble Foil Insulation

Thermal Bubble foil insulation is an option of reflective foil insulation keeps heat out in the summer and keeps heat inside in the winter. Solar Bay reflective bubble insulation uses a combination of radiant barrier (reflective foil) along with a single layer of bubble insulation or a double layer of bubble insulation to reflect heat.

Other bubble foil insulation benefits include:

  • Highly reflective foil insulation insulates against radiant heat transfer – Stops 96% of radiant heat loss/gain
  • Layer(s) of bubble provide r value to insulate against convective heat transfer
  • Lightweight and easy to handle yet provides superior insulation
  • Single Bubble Insulation¬†is 4mm thick
  • Double Bubble Insulation is 6mm thick
  • Barrier for methane, radon, moisture, termites and other pests
  • Find full specifications with each individual product

Bubble insulation is available in two different styles: Silver and Gold double foil. Both are available in single and double bubble layers. Various size rolls are also available.

Single Bubble Layer

The figures to the right demonstrate the layers the different product feature.

Double Bubble Layer

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