Blademaster Safety Cutter for Cutting and Shaping Insulation


Solar Bay Systems






Blademaster Safety Cutter is designed with your own comfort and control in mind. Comprised of two blades, the first main blade is used to cut lengths of foil insulation (tested extensively on double foil with wadding such as TS-i 19) but can also be used on heavier duty foils as well as applications such as Cloth/Clothing, bandages, vinyl, strapping, banding, bubble wrap, rubber sheeting etc.

How to use cutter:

Angle downwards so that the body of the cutter is held at approximately a 30 Degree angle. Slide nose under material (or use point to punch holes first) and pull away from your body. The material is forced onto the cutter blade as you push forward ensuring a clean and simple cut. The second blade on the rear is the perfect tape slitter, small enough to slice tape around sealed boxes without damaging the contents. Angle downwards so that body of the cutter is held at approx 45 degree angle.

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