Solar Bay 6mm Thick Double Foil with Double Bubble Insulation 1.05 x 25m (26.25m2)


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Solar Bay Double MP Foil with Single Bubble Layer Insulation

1.05m Wide, 6mm Thick. Multiple orders may be combined for shipping.

Available in 10m, 15m, 25m, 50m


Unlike traditional insulation this product is not rated by an R-value. Bubble insulation is rated by its Reflectivity and Emissivity. R-values are based on thermal resistance (how long heat takes to pass through the product), the thicker it is the higher the R-value. Double Bubble insulation is very thin, just 6mm, but has a high reflectivity, 96%, and a low emissivity. Very little radiant heat passes through the insulation, simply put we are not trying to slow the way heat passes through the insulation but trying to eliminate heat from passing through it. Double bubble double foil insulation is constructed of a double layer of polyethylene bubble insulation bonded to two radiant barrier metalised sheets. The double bubble insulation not only works well to reflect radiant heat, but it also works as a vapor barrier, preventing condensation which can cause mold. Remember all seams must be taped so the product acts like one sheet. Double bubble foil insulation is lightweight and easy to install.

Where is Double Bubble Foil Insulation Used?

Double bubble insulation is primarily used for pole barns, commercial spaces, basement walls, crawl spaces and storage units in a cold climate. Our insulation can be used for both new construction and existing buildings. It is a great product for crawl spaces as the insulation acts as a vapor barrier which keeps unwanted moisture from your joists and sub-floor and the possibility of mold issues


You must use tape to seam the insulation, this way the product acts as one sheet and maintains the moisture barrier.
Bubble insulation is not to be used for under concrete applications as the foil product is exposed.

Installation Instructions

We recommend installing the insulation perpendicular to the framing. If the framing is running left to right we would install the insulation up and down. For wood applications we simply install with staples and for steel applications you would secure with screws. We always want a mechanically fastened application and the tape is only to be used for seams, the tape is not meant for installing the insulation. The product is easily cut with either scissors or a utility knife.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg

10m, 15m, 25m, 50m


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